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Verbund der kritischen Listen: GAKU - PLUM - IG-LektorInnen



Dr. Karl Reiter
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Workers Union ElectionS 10. / 11. May 2023  

Workers Union of the Universität Wien 


The "Critical List GAKU-PLUM-IG" asks for your vote in the

BRWUP elections.

Our list association sees itself as an emancipatory-critical representation of the interests of all members of the scientific staff - regardless of their affiliation with university groups. We advocate for a participatory-democratic structure of the University of Vienna.

We demand that the people working at our university be valued and that their work in research, teaching and administration be appreciated. We consider fair working conditions and predictable career prospects to be essential.

We demand transparent and comprehensible decision-making structures, opportunities for effective participation, the dismantling of hierarchies, lived gender justice and diversity as well as access to resources that is oriented towards actual tasks and achievements. The people at our university should be able to actively shape their professional future.

We demand an end to the unacceptable situation that more than two thirds of the scientific staff at the University of Vienna have to work under precarious conditions or with fixed-term contracts. This impairs the quality of work and life of those affected and thus the quality of research and teaching.

As GAKU-PLUM-IG we build on what has already been achieved with our work in the works council and continue to work towards achieving the following goals at the University of Vienna:

  • permanent employment relationships for all groups of scientific staff
  • immediate defusing of the extremely negative effects of §109 UG
  • active promotion of scientific staff at all university organizational levels
  • significant increase in career positions
  • immediate creation of a long overdue personnel structure plan
  • immediate creation of a plan for de-bureaucratization for lecturers and more full senior lecturers"
  • broader participation and transparent procedures in the filling of tenure-track positions and in the qualification procedures for associate professorships
  • greater consideration of the concerns of project employees and student employees
  • responsible and diversity-sensitive response to (special) needs of employees
  • consolidation of equality and anti-discrimination policies at all levels
  • significant improvement in supervision ratios
  • greater consideration of teaching in application and qualification procedures
  • transparent and fair distribution of personnel and financial resources
  • better communication structures, more lived democracy and transparency at our university


Our experienced members of the works council use their many years of expertise to support all scientific employees. We provide support and advice - confidentially and anonymously - on labor law issues and work-related conflicts.


Only as a strongly democratically legitimized works council can we make a difference.


We need your support for that.


Please trust us and vote for GAKU-PLUM-IG!



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